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What is Antiaging Medicine ?

Note: I am no longer with Cenegenics ®

The term 'antiaging' has been around so long now it has effectively lost it's meaning.

You can tell because one of the top paid Google ads is a link to a wrinkle creme being promoted by Dr. Oz and Oprah.

The dictionary definition of antiaging is: "used or tending to prevent or lessen the effects of aging."

That works for me.

A google search on the term 'antiaging' yields 45,300,000 results - most of them wanting to sell you something to make you live longer, or look or feel better in the meantime.

Minus the wrinkle creme ad, you have 45,299,999 of these search results to check out.

Some shools of thought like 'antiaging medicine' think life span can be increased, others like 'age management medicine' do not.

These shools spend a lof of time arguing with and making fun of each other about it.

In either case you do not have enough time to check all the serach results.

The goals of my Antiaging Atlanta program include improved quality of life, and the prevention to the extent possible of degenerative diseases of aging such as diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, dementia and others.

Will my Antiaging Atlanta program help you live longer? - I have no idea. For that you will have to talk to God.

Will my antiaging program improve you quality of life? - Probably. Try it and find out, you will know in a month or two.


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