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It is now time to talk about the "E" word - exercise. Some people like the "A" word better - activity. In any event the great thing about an antiaging program is that the results you achieve from increased activity or exercise are multiplied many fold by the underlying changes in your metabolism. Believe it or not exercise becomes much more productive and even enjoyable.

The ideal exercise program for Anti-Aging Medicine or Age Management Medicine purposes includes a combination of:

A typical work out might include 20 min of strength training, 30 minutes of brisk walking, and ten minutes of stretching. The amount of time and intensity spent in each area may vary according to your current state of conditioning.

A personal trainer is a good initial investment to make sure you get off to the right start. Proper exercise form can maximize results and reduce risk of injury. This is also the ideal way to determine how much exercise and which types are best for you.

We will design a personal activity program for you as part of your antiaging program.


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