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Gonadal and erectile dysfunction in diabetics.

Hijazi RA - Med Clin North Am - 01-JUL-2004; 88(4): 933-45, xi
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15308386 (PubMed)
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Medical Clinics of North America
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Journal Article; Review; Review, Tutorial
Author Affiliation:
Department of Medicine, Veterans Affairs Medical Center, Houston, TX 77030, USA.
Hijazi RA; Betancourt-Albrecht M; Cunningham GR
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The high prevalence of erectile dysfunction in patients with diabetes is caused mainly by vascular and neurological conditions;nevertheless, hypogonadism may also contribute to erectile dysfunction and to changes in mood, libido, body composition, and bone density. Age, obesity, and the assay used to measure testosterone will affect the diagnosis of hypogonadism. This article focuses on the interaction of these conditions and attempts to explain possible mechanisms for observations reported in the literature.
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Chemical Compound Name:
(Hypoglycemic Agents); (Vasodilator Agents); 58-22-0(Testosterone)

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