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Antiaging Alert - September 26th, 2005


Weight Gain Warning

There is a quadruple threat on the way that can literally cause you to gain ten or more pounds of fat by the end of the year, unless you are prepared.

What's worse, many of you who gain the weight will never take it off again!

Four years ago I was obese, weighing in at almost three hundred pounds. I had no energy, felt terrible, and the only exercise I got was making trips back and forth from the sofa to the refrigerator (see photo).

Since that time I have implemented my Antiaging Program. Now I have so much energy the hardest thing about my morning work out is leaving the gym after an hour of weight training and 30 minutes of cardio - at that point I feel like I am just getting started!

Today I have better strength and muscle definition than I did when I was 25 years old. In fact I have so much energy and optimism now my wife and I are working on adopting a 10 year old child from the Ukraine, and I turned 51 last May.

What is this ominous quadruple threat bearing down upon us?

It comes in four distinct phases, and goes by four corresponding code names:

  • Halloween - this is when adults pretend to get all excited about kids dressing up in little costumes, take them door to door, and then eat their candy after they go to sleep. Most adults buy candy they like for Halloween in case there is any left over.
  • Thanksgiving - this is when we celebrate how grateful we are by gorging ourselves on turkey and stuffing for 2 - 5 days depending on how long the leftovers last or until you can't face the thought of another turkey sandwich, at least until Christmas.
  • Christmas - this is when we eat tons of cookies and cakes while we try to give most of it away secretly hoping our friends and relatives gain more weight than we do.
  • New Years - this is when we scarf down all the remaining candy, cookies and treats left over from Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas and make a resolution to loose weight.

Isn't it about time to stop this run-around?

Who is behind this triple threat?

The food industry is behind it of course. They want us to be fat and addicted to their junk food.

By the way they are the same people that sell all those worthless weight loss products that don't work.

You will see the ads for all of them ramp up on television starting in January as you fall asleep on the couch after eating desert.

What can be done to protect yourself?

  • Start or reinvest in your Antiaging Program now!
  • Continue your hormone replacement and nutritional supplements - don't take a vacation form your medication.
  • Stay active - avoid the holiday mentality of laziness and procrastination, don't stop your exercising just because it is a 'holiday' and you 'deserve' a rest.
  • Remain vigilant on your food choices - limit the treats and deserts just like any other time of the year - give away all the unhealthy food gifts at the office - let your coworkers gain the weight instead of you.
  • Stay honest with yourself and document your progress and compliance with your program - email me if you need a progress form.

Call me if you need encouragement or support - that is why I am here - 770-842-1561

Dr. Smith

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