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Anti-Aging Atlanta - A Lower Cost Alternative to Cenegenics - I should know - I used to run the Cenegenics Atlanta Center.

Cenegenics ® is promoted as an age-management program - they like to suggest this is different and better than antiaging medicine programs.

If you are looking for HGH human growth hormone, or testosterone hormone replacement therapy, your search may lead you to Cenegenics.

Cenegenics may not really be what you are looking for because of the high cost of a Cenegenics program.

What are Cenegenics Costs?

According to Cenegenics, your initial examination is $5000.

Then there is the cost to buy the Cenegenics medications, supplements, and follow up lab work - Cenegenics cost per month after the initial costs, is about $ 1,500.

The Cenegenics mark up on supplements and medications ranges from 100% - 300%, the mark up for lab work is about 300%.

Anyone who signs up with Cenegenics must take the standard program with the standard Cenegenics inflated costs.

Then there is the annual Cenegenics re-evaluation for $3000 on top of the monthly charges.

Call or email me first and save yourself a lot of money and frustration and get great results.





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