Menopause Symptoms and Hormone Replacement Therapy HRT

by Dr. Randy Smith of Antiaging Atlanta

Menopause Symptoms

If you score more than 20 points on this test email me because you are suffering needlessly.


Each item is rated form 1 (none) to 5 (extremely severe):

1. Hot flushes, sweating (episodes of sweating)
2. Heart discomfort (unusual awareness of heart beat, heart skipping, heart racing, tightness)
3. Sleep problems (difficulty in falling asleep, difficulty in sleeping through, waking up early)
4. Depressive mood (feeling down, sad, on the verge of tears, lack of drive, mood swings)
5. Irritability (feeling nervous, inner tension, feeling aggressive)
6. Anxiety (inner restlessness, feeling panicky)
7. Physical and mental exhaustion (general decrease in performance, impaired memory, decrease in concentration, forgetfulness)
8. Sexual problems (change in sexual desire, in sexual activity and satisfaction)
9. Bladder problems (difficulty in urinating, increased need to urinate, bladder incontinence)
10. Dryness of vagina (sensation of dryness or burning in the vagina, difficulty with sexual intercourse)
11. Joint and muscular discomfort (pain in the joints, rheumatoid complaints)

Maximum score is 55, anything over 20 is significant.

What is your score?

Email me if you would like to fix it.

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